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The system of healing that is practiced in the Living Earth herbal clinics is Four Elements Herbal Therapy, a unique system of Western clinical herbalism developed by Michael Vertolli. Four Elements Herbal Therapy is a modern, holistic healing system based on the time-tested principals of traditional Western herbalism that will help you to optimize your state of health and well-being, providing you with support as a whole person rather than just focusing on the alleviation of your symptoms. This system can benefit all manner of acute and chronic health conditions as well as prevent illness and optimize the health of anyone who is already relatively healthy.

The Living Earth Student Clinic is not running at this time.

For information on Michael Vertolli's clinic see below.

Michael Vertolli's Herbal Clinic

Michael Vertolli is one of the most respected herbalists in Canada. As a result of his over three decades of clinical experience and empirical research he has developed Four Elements Herbal Therapy. This unique system of Western herbalism is the foundation of his clinical practice.


Michael Vertolli's clinics run on Thursdays and usually every other Tuesday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Michael's clinic is often full. Space periodically becomes available as people complete their herbal treatment. It is best to enquire again in a few months if there is no space available when you make your initial enquiry.


Initial consultations are two hours long. There is usually less information that needs to be recorded for infants and small children unless their case is fairly complex. Therefore initial consultations for infants and small children usually only require one hour. All follow-up consultations are one hour. You will be asked detailed questions about your health, history, diet, lifestyle and anything else that is pertinent to your overall health. If you are taking any vitamins, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies or drugs, please bring them with you to your initial consultation. It is also recommended that you bring copies of any blood tests or other diagnostic tests that relate to your condition.

At the end of your consultation you will be given dietary and lifestyle recommendations along with a personalized herbal tincture formulated to meet your specific needs.

The first follow-up consultation is scheduled six to seven weeks after the initial consultation, depending on the specifics of your case. Thereafter consultations are scheduled every seven weeks and eventually the interval will increase to eight weeks in the later stages of your treatment. Your personalized herbal formulation will be continually changing as your treatment progresses as all aspects of your health needs can not be addressed by a single formula.

At this time all consultations are taking place by phone. Your herbal formula will be sent by Expedited Post. If you live or work nearby you may also pick it up. Shipping costs will be in addition to the cost of your consultation and formulation.

The herbal tinctures used in the clinic are prepared by Michael Vertolli and the senior students of the Traditional Herbalist program using fresh (with a few exceptions dried herbs are used where fresh herbs are not available), organically grown and ethically wild harvested herbs. Only the most potent parts of the herbs are harvested at the ideal time of day and stage in the life cycle of the plant. Proper respect is always given to the herbs and the environment in which they grow. Living Earth tinctures significantly exceed the quality that is available from over-the-counter products and professional product lines. The formulations are customized to address the individual needs of each client in accordance with the principles of Four Elements Herbal Therapy, the system of Western herbalism that is practiced by Michael Vertolli.


Two hour initial consultations: $160 for adults; $100 for children, seniors and full-time elementary school and undergraduate students; $50 for infants and small children who only require one hour for their initial consultation.

One hour follow-up consultations: $80 ($50 for children, seniors and full-time elementary school and undergraduate students).

Family rate: When more than one person from the same family household is receiving treatment at the same time the fee for one hour consultations is $50 per person.

The consultation fee does not include the cost of your personalized herbal remedy (or shipping costs, when required).

The cost of your personalized herbal tincture formulation is $60 per 250 ml bottle and $25 per 100 ml bottle. As the dosage will be gradually increased, in the early stages of treatment less of your herbal formulation will be required per consultation. As your treatment progresses the dosage that you are required to take and the time between consultations will increase. As a result, more of your herbal formulation will be required per consultation during the later stages of treatment. In general, the overall cost of treatment will average out to approximately $110-$120 per month for the duration of the treatment, $70-$80 per month for young children, and $85-$95 per month for adolescents, students and seniors.


Payment must be made in cash, by e-Transfer or cheque. We can not accept payment by credit card or debit card.

Booking Appointments

Michael Vertolli's clinic is usually at or very close to capacity. It usually takes 1-3 months to schedule an initial appointment. Sometimes Michael's clinic is full for a period of time.
To enquire whether or not Michael is able to schedule any new clients at this time you can e-mail him at

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